'ello 'ello.....So what's going 'ere then?


The above image is a four hour exposure of star trails, not altogether unusual,


......except the image can be wrapped into a 360 degree panorama.


The image was taken near Mudgee in NSW Australia.  The original data files are

now available as a Quicktime VR movie   (note WIndows users will require Quicktime player for windows)


It shows the relative motions of stars in the sky around the Southern celestial pole (circular),

near the eastern and western horizons (near vertical streaks),

and toward the Northern pole (arcs centered on a point below the horizon)


Reddening of the stars as they approach the western horizon is also evident.


The near vertical red arcs at the centre and far left of the image are the navigation lights of a passing jet aircraft.


The two 3.5 metre diameter domes were illuminated by a red LED torch during the exposure


Image copyright Peter Ward 2007. Not to be reproduced without permission.


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