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(above STF8300 with optional OAG, Filterwheel and ST-i autoguider)

SBIG's second generation 8300 camera in the same body as the popular ST-8300. Physically, the STF-8300 looks identical to the ST-8300 model, with the exception of a desiccant plug on the side of the camera opposite the connectors. However the STF model has new, faster, electronics, a full frame buffer, a user rechargeable desiccant plug and automatic image processing. A full frame, high-resolution image will download in less than 1 second. The camera is also available bundled in several of the most popular configurations with a 5-position or 8-position filter wheel, off-axis guider, ST-i autoguider, and filters.


Introductory price $A 3100 inc GST (subject to change without notice due $A to $US) Please call for latest pricing






The innovative OAG-8300 turns any ST-8300 or new STF-8300 into a self-guiding camera system. The OAG-8300 is designed to work with either the 5-position or 8-position filter wheel. Color cameras, or mono cameras without a filter can also use the OAG-8300 with a spacer.

What is unique about the OAG-8300 is the 7-element internal optical design. The OAG contains relay optics that move the guide camera to the side of the imaging camera, and at the same time, a 0.7X reducer effectively doubles the field of view of the guider. This design allows for a low profile between the camera and the telescope, reducing backfocus requirement at the same time, gives a wide field of view that offers more guide stars for the guide camera.


Introductory price $A 1200 inc GST (subject to change without notice due $A to $US ). Please call for latest pricing.



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