Winning image of the 2020

David Malin Award

for Solar System photography

"Hadley Rille"

Alluna RC16, AP BARCON, FLIR 9mp Grasshopper USB3.0 400 Frames Autostakkert

Copyright Peter J Ward 2019


Below: Hadley rille from the Lunar lander, just prior to touchdown.

(Image credit NASA)


Below: Astronauts James Irwin and David Scott landed alongside

Hadley Rille near the Apennine Mountains

during the Apollo 15 mission on July 30th, 1971.

They were the first Astronauts to use the Lunar Rover, allowing lunar exploration over

a much great area compared to previous missions..

Dave Scott/Lunar Rover image credit NASA


Can you see all 26 grey scales above?