Total Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017

Jackson Wyoming USA


Cars were parked on the side of Gros Ventre Road for approximately 12 miles

The road ran very close to the eclipse centreline, with 2mins 19 seconds of totality expected.

The location had an altitude of approximately 6,300 feet....just 1000 feet less than Australia's highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko


The Grand Tetons would have made an excellent backdrop had the timimg of the eclipse been in the late afternoon.

Eclipse rig consisted of:


Manfrotto 055CX3PRO Carbon Fibre tripod

Losmandy Starlapse

Takahashi FSQ85 "Baby Q" flat-field APO

Canon 5D MkIV

Baader 2" wide field EOS adapter

CamRanger controller

i-pad Pro

Total weight around 16kg.


It begins!

Partial phase: Canon 5DIV, Taka Baby Q, Baader solar film.

Just a tiny slither more....


Totality !!



Canon 5Dmk IV, Takahashi FSQ 85 "Baby Q", Losmandy Starlapse

Various exposures, ISO 160

HDR image showing the corona extending beyond the edge of the frame,

Also visible is the star Regulus (plus four or five field stars visible on the original .tif file) and lunar surface features illuminated by "earthshine"



Sadly it was all over in a flash.................


Above: highly contrast-enhanced image showing some 12 field stars plus delaicate details of the solar corona.

All images Copyright Peter J Ward 2017.

Not for public use without permission.

Can you see all 26 grey scales above?