Astro-Physics Riccardi Honders Astrograph


Like many starting out in astro-photography, I too have gone down the path of the astro-equivalent to discovering beer, cask wine, wine in a bottle-with a cork! & some not too shabby vintages (read: small plastic refractors, SCT's with forks, SCT's on a good GEM, semi-APO's, APO's, RC's etc. )

When I realised some things, like Penfold's Grange, or rare highland single malt just take time - and a little maturity to fully appreciate- I finally took possession of my first Astro-Physics telescope back in 1995.

With those thoughts I put my name down on the now infamous "AP-waitlist" for an even larger telescope. I waited...and waited...the patience required reminded me of getting into the Shao Lin Monastery as depicted in the old Kung-Fu TV series...but...anyway.....after around a decade of "patience-grasshopper-patience" from AP's legendary team of Roland and Marj Christen....I was finally rewarded with an instrument that has significant aperture and a fully corrected field that simply didn't exist in the decade or so it took for me to acquire more grey hair ...........

Here are some pictures

The AP RHA arrived in a beautifully made and rather big (and dammed heavy!! ) box...all up weight around 45Kg !!

Even the dew-shade is baffled. It attaches via quick-release locking pins.

Typical AP. The 14" ID rings are machined to keep their weight down while maintaining rigididy.

AP dovebar with a Losmandy D-series pattern, again.... much machining.


The rear focuser has a 3.5" ID and 10:1 reduction knob.

Scope and rings all ready to mount. AP's specs listed below.....

Sitting sided by side (Losmandy twin bar DSBS, unfortunately no longer produced) with its AP155 F7 stablemate.

Clear aperture

12" (305mm)

Secondary mirror size

5.9" (150mm)

Focal length

45.6" (1159mm)

Focus range

1.15" (29mm)

Focal ratio

f3.8, Airy disc size 5 microns

Field size

Diffraction-limited over 3.0 degree field - 60mm circle

Tube assembly

14" (36cm) diameter x 21" (53cm) long, focuser adds 4" (10cm).
Closed machined tube, fully baffled, engraved retaining ring, felt-lined dustcover, black-anodized aluminum cells and other components, cream-white pebble finish on the tube. Two handles on backplate.


Machined aluminum dewcap, internal baffles as well as curved front edge baffle, black interior

Mounting rings

Machined aluminum rings, ribbed to reduce weight, felt-lined
Bottom of rings: 1/4-20 tapped holes, spacing: 2.362", 3.20", 4.5" and center hole
Top of rings: 10-32 tapped holes spaced 3.00" and 1/4-20 center hole


Tube with focuser, without dewcap: 58 lbs (26.2 kgs)
Dewcap: 7 lbs (3.2 kgs)
Dustcover: 3.0 lbs (1.6 kgs)
Rings: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kgs) each

Diameter of corrector cell

14.50" (368.3mm)

Focuser (removable)

3.5" ID Focuser, rack and pinion with FeatherTouch Micro 9:1 dual-speed reduction, 1.4" (36mm) travel, 2.7", 2" and 1.25" adapters

Back focus

With 3.5" Focuser: 3.95" (100mm)
Without Focuser: 6.38" (162mm) from backplate

Mirror coating

96% enhanced and protected aluminum

Corrector coating

Broadband multi-coatings both sides

Carrying case for main tube of telescope

Wood case with grey vinyl covering. Telescope is supported on two foam lined wood brackets. Case is lined with foam and velour. Removeable wheels. Dewcap does not fit in case.
Dimensions: 29"L x 19.5"W x 19"H (74cm x 50cm x 48cm), including hardware
Weight: 40.5 lbs (18.4kg)